Passions define who we are

July 09, 2018

As the great Indian allrounder Kapil Dev once said, "Sports should not become routine. It should be about passion."

There is a great analogy called Elephant and Rider, where the Rider represents our rational mind and the Elephant represents our passions and emotions (Jonathan Heidt Why Good People are divided by Politics and Religion). In short, the Rider is always trying to make sense of the emotions - which are much stronger and more powerful than our rational minds. It's a fine and fascinating human trait - that our emotions and passions create who we are.

Cricket is the #2 sport in the world, followed by millions of people across the globe. Passion for cricket spans from village greens, to juniors and seniors and is no more vividly displayed than at major events such as Boxing Day at the MCG with nearly 100k people attending.

It's no coincidence that following closely on the heals of the Prime Minister, the Australian Cricket Captain is described as the second most important job in Australia. Indeed, how can we not be overawed and fascinated by the god like status afforded to players MS Dhoni and Virat Kholi?

And in contrast, the "fall" of heroes Steve Smith and David Warner in a sandpaper debacle that undermined the very essence of who Australians believed themselves to be and their love for cricket.

At The Game, we share this passion for cricket and it defines who we are.

Our passion is what makes us and drives us all. 

Jim and Lona
The Game