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Why Father’s Day is Special

June 08, 2021

In 2016, we ran one of our first promotions and this was for Father’s Day. We asked our customers and social media followers for their memories of cricket and their father.  We received many responses and some of them tugged at our heartstrings and reminded us of how important our fathers are in our lives. We'd like to share some of these stories to celebrate our fathers ...

“That's an easy one. In 2005, dad and I travelled across the world to attend Day 1 at Lords. You (Glen McGrath) dismissed Andrew Strauss for 2 to take your 500th test wicket. 17 test wickets fell that day and you took 5 wickets that afternoon for the poms to finish 7/92 at stumps. Great, great day we will never forget. We also had a few pints at Lord’sTavern.”

Father & Son Boxing Day Test MCG

 “Every single Boxing Day. My brother never wanted to go and my mum wasn't interested so I would go with dad. I could see the spring in his step when we walked into the MCG. It's a memory I will cherish forever.”

“I came in at 4, he came in at 10. Needed 38 for victory. Our partnership got the team home, I let him hit the winning runs. Jeez, you should have heard him at the pub afterwards!!!”

“Hot Summers nights in Mildura, using a rubbish bin as stumps and dad and us kids all gathered around a tiny backyard trying to do our best. Remember over the fence ... 6 and out .. Not too hard to do . Lovely memories x”


“Sitting back on Boxing Day, eating ham watching the Test in Melbourne. Now my dad is gone, I do it on my own. Miss you dad Happy Father's Day xx”

“I was playing cricket with Dad in the back yard, I was about 10. I hit the ball straight to him, he caught it, I was devastated, he immediately dropped it on purpose, I stayed in. Fab memory!”

“My first ever batting partnership with my Dad turned out to be a good one. We scored over 60 between us before he retired on 50 and I went on to score the winning runs.”

Families playing cricket on the beach

I would rush home from school in order to play as much cricket with my Dad as possible. Our game would progress from batting and bowling, to throwing the ball as hard as we possibly could to each other. We had a competition that required throwing the ball as hard and as accurately as possible in order to force an error. The first person to 10 errors lost. Best of three! Mum would have to remind us several times that dinner was served and the sun had disappeared. Light coming through the kitchen window sufficed for 'just another 10 minutes'.”

“A one day final at Lords, Yorkshire won and a fractured relationship was healed over a day in the sun. We realised we were better together than apart and a stronger bond was formed that kept growing until he passed.” 

So why is Father’s Day special? Because of memories like these. 

Jim and Lona

The Game

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