The Power of a gift

August 13, 2020

What is the true meaning of a gift? Is it just a thing people give to one another? Just an item handed across to someone? Or is it something that defines a relationship, brings us together in a chaotic world, like the one we live in today. A gift reflects our affection for someone, shows how much they mean to us, either just the thought of the gift or the meaning behind it. Either way, it builds our connections and is what encourages us to grow together, strengthen our love for others and actually provides a reward for both the gifter and receiver.

Through our busy lives, we often forget the significance of thoughtfulness for others, how it can truly make a day, or even just a moment special for that person receiving it. It’s easy to get caught up in worries or struggles that we endure, and harder to take a minute off to undertake an act of kindness, but the effect that it has is more rewarding than we think. In 2010, a survey of happiness in 136 countries, by Harvard Business School, found that people who are selfless, in this case generous and thoughtful, were overall the happiest.

Indeed, Ellen J. Langer, a Harvard psychology professor, states the biggest effect of gift giving may be on ourselves. Giving to others reinforces our feelings for them and makes us feel effective and caring.

Gifting builds our connections with others and symbolises those moments we share with those around us. But what does a kindful act start with? Is it the idea formed for a present or surprise for someone? The actual act of giving it to someone? Where does this unique process begin?

It starts with you. A gift is a reminder to another, of your thoughtfulness and time put to create meaning behind it. It’s the course of thinking and planning for someone. Putting time into detail and presentation. Gifting is something that creates a sense of excitement for both giving and receiving. It can bring joy to both the receiver and you, as they unwrap a gift, uncertain, yet curious to what it might hold. That gives you that fulfilment in their happiness and surprise, as you see the passion in their eyes. At The Game we have seen this impact of a great gift:

“Just wow! Such a smooth wallet with all that’s needed for everyday use. He especially loved the monogrammed element - it’s made home feel incredibly special (and loved). Thank you so much for such a unique gift!”

or this:
“Got this for my fiancé...first thing he did was smell and marvel that it even smelt like a ball. Pretty sure his cards are all going to be curved soon from him holding the wallet like a ball. Great gift :)”

It could be their true love for the gift or the idea behind it. Something as significant as their passion for a sport like cricket, one that is so intriguing and thrilling that has the ability to join you together and empower a unique bond.

Whether it is a tangible gift or not, it is these moments in time, that bonds people together, signifies relationships and brings joy out of the small things in life. During times like these, worries and frustration, don’t forget to think of those around you, if it is for someone you love or just know, start building your connection through a thoughtful and kind full act, an act that can be small, yet magical.

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